Friday, June 18, 2010


OCP and AXI seem a lot like Coke and Pepsi. RTL interface specifications and refreshing cola beverages. The choice of one or another does not matter at a certain level of abstraction. As an application-domain specifier, you may not care very much: "I'd like a stream interface please". Of course, the particular dining establishment you are visiting may respond to you "Oh, we don't have Coke, is Pepsi OK?"
This seems to have worked out well, at least with the cola beverage thing. And we are hoping the same will play out with OCP and AXI. Some establishments will have a predilection for one or the other. That's fine. Both OCP and AXI can provide interface patterns suitable for control, streaming, and messaging. We've abstracted these patterns in OpenCPI's Worker Interface Profiles. These interface patterns for RTL are like classic, diet and caffeine-free for cola.

Sometimes work allows some laughs (FCCM-2010)