Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Words Matter

Back in 2008 I read an awful, uninformed post on what I had thought to be a helpful and fair technology blog. I took the bait, and wrote a seven paragraph missive in response. Three months later, my response was posted; but it was severely diluted by the editor. While I'm glad my voice was heard, even as a squeak; my truths presented were castrated without any consent. The doc linked below is unedited:
Ref: S.Siegel, 2008-12-26, Letter to John Cooley

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Computer History Museum/FPGA said...

Hi Shep. At least I learned about Atomic Rules through the Cooley post. :) Coincidentally, I was at ESC yesterday listening to panel on the confluence of EDA and Embedded. Good panel with multiple PhDs got off topic in a good way. in discussing parallelism, the Cadence representative, McNamara who is the GM of C to Silicon, used a human brain analogy. Neuro- scientists now see the brain as lots of parallel processing units controlled at a high level. He suggested that we should program with a language, not C, which is constructed to do this efficiently. Would you describe BSV in this way? (BTW I read the Lee paper on threads, very bold and illuminating.)

Andy Haines