Saturday, March 6, 2010

Well Connected

Validating performance of ADCs and DACs is hard enough for the converter and board vendors. We have those challenges, as well as system level concerns. When you place an converter a few cm from a 100W GPU, how would you think the SFDR would change? Fun stuff.

GPU and FPGA Love


eddie said...

What a cute couple. Is the one on the right one of your offspring? How well do they play together? Multiple ground planes? mu-metal? Differential busses?

ss said...

They are good friends. Our 1~3 GHz "RF" are our client's IF; which means that (almost) everything is SE 50 ohm transmission line. AC coupling by cap or xfmr goes a long way to keep things quiet. Needless to say the digital bits stay in their own world. -S