Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Validating PCIe

LeCroy graciously loaned us their exceptional T2-16 PCIe Protocol Analyzer for a few days. This was not nearly enough time to appreciate an instrument that has such deep capabilities. While the T2-16 captures every nook and cranny of the PHY and LINK layers; we remain most-interested in watching what is going on at the Transaction Layer (TL). The T2-16 does this well; but a Ferrari can also take you to the grocery store. Functionally, the most-annoying nit was that the fans on the active interposer and in the chassis itself are screaming loud. And the LAN function didn't work; but USB worked flawlessly. Faced with an intractable, hard-to-understand PCIe issue; this is an instrument we would want by our side.

LeCroy T2-16

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