Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Protégé Disassociation Disorder

I dislike the aphorism “all good things must come to pass.” Do they? Really?! Sixteen weeks seemed like it would be a long time when we started; but it passed in a milli-moment. The lab is quieter (I don’t talk to myself much), and even though the sun is shining brightly on the future, there is unquestionably a sadness in such things. Selected solution vector: Go forward and be awesome with the tools and talent we can muster. I like that.
Hit up a recommendation of our erstwhile intern over at LinkedIn.

Christina at work, Fall 2012

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Andy Wilson said...

Dear Shep - You only hire the best, don't you!

All the best,

Andy Wilson
Vision Systems Design magazine

P.S. - What does your company DO exactly - please now in layman speak!